Hard work class Heroes 2018

Ey everyone!

I am just attending to the HWCH this year! It’s my first contact with an event of this kind in Ireland.

As usual, I arrived early, and the networking is buzzing around in the cafeteria. Many different people is around the tables, obviously some of them are talking about the business core of what can be artists, labels etc…

I am here to check if this event is really what they promise, a good contact with the Irish music Industry.


Landing in a new world

There is always a moment when we decide to move forward and follow our dreams. We are trapped in our time, so that’s what we do.

As a creative person you have the idea, but we don’t born with the talent of make them real. So what do we do then?

I say that one of the most popular option is to find a Master, someone to guide. That’s some of the pillars, but once we think that we have found one, what’s next?

My opinion is that someone as a learner has to limit himself using the limitations of the others. We are all humans and there is only few genius every generation that only few can have the change to hire as theirs teachers.

Nowdays Internet is everything and there will be all what you can need. I basically thought that I had got all what I needed during my educational experience. And during a period of 22 years learning there is few things that I can say that I have really understood.

My point with this is that a person with more knowledge can show us new ways to see a same thing but we are the only ones that limited that vision depending on our interest and effort ( then it became the technology and other limits and you’re right, but I hope that you are getting the point).

  1. Make your own staff, learn and study from internet with all the free resources.
  2. Find someone who know more than you
  3. But don’t get so much attached with him or her because you need to continue you own way.
  4. Set you free to make the things as complex or simpler as you please or can.

Music&U motivation #1


Hello guys!

Today I feel that is the moment to start answering the question of What’s MUSIC&U?

Recently, I moved to a new country, and because the lifeways can be strange, I step in a lovely county town in the west of Ireland. If you go around and visit the great clifts in the coast, I assure you that someone, in some moment will tell you: Next stop America.

So you can imagine how amazed I am when I see that in this place Music is all over the place! I am not joking if I tell you that, when I go to buy my “groceries” I usually came across with some musician.

Some of them are full or part-time into the music and is always something I learn from all of them every time that I talk with them. Even sometimes I don’t need to talk with them I just sit in a cafe and my friend or someone tells me, who are them and what they play, where I can listen their music etc..

When I get something good in some way, I always want to share it because if it is good for me it can help someone else. That’s is the motivation number #1 of Music&U to advance from the experiences of the others in music and their lives.

The vital space #1

The vital space, in my opinion in a musician’s habitat is essential, although it’s an unspoken topic around me. That was until I met a street musician that told me about his particularly territorial attitude.


Wait a minute! If music is for sharing, why I am talking about the vital space or about that conversation that I had with a stranger?

I could not imagine how my previous studies in Social Sciences could incorporate into this blog.

There is the controversy: the musicians live a social lifestyle. That makes them be part of a group and be identified with some pattens, habits, ideas or dressing styles by example.



What happens when that social group is also a source of income?


What is the vital space that you can need?


Is the community a real factor for your to develop a better skill? Despite these, are you just a genius because you were born with that gift?


At the beginning of a new life…

It’s late at night and I can’t hear a sound in the street. It doesn’t really care what season is or how big is my room, the sound of a busy street or the tweet of a bird makes me feel at home.

Is that the great thing of listening? I think so, apparently our brain is always after pasterns that make us feel good. I said apparently because I am graduated in Law and Politic Sciences and it’s passed few long years since the last time I step on a sciences class, but I am a believer. Anyway, Strinyer Sound is what I think is a good definition of me as musician, because I have my identity so I have my sound which is different to someone else.

I am very excited because by first time in my life I am gonna share with all of you, what is to life in a place where almost everyone has the hart splinted in two, the music and their life.

I wish you to join to me and we can share, debate, life and laugh together, here at the beginning of a new life…